Yokohama Water


Business Scheme

In order to enhance the management foundation for the future of the water supply business in Yokohama, Yokohama Waterworks Bureau (YWWB) established a new company “Yokohama Water Co., Ltd. (YWC)” in 2010. YWC promotes the development of business with advantage of technology and know-how which YWWB has developed over a long period of history. YWC contributes for domestic and overseas utilities with solving their problems of water supply projects, and also for Yokohama City and water users with securing new revenue.

In addition, YWC signed the basic agreement with Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau (which is responsible for sewerage) in April 2013 for expanding promotion of water business using the technology and know-how of the sewerage work.

Business Overview of YWC

Domestic Business

For water supply and sewerage utilities, YWC provides services on the O/M of facilities and research and advisory services toward Public-Private Partnership.

For private companies, YWC promotes a joint venture or joint research by combining our company’s know-how of water supply and sewerage management with technical capabilities of private companies.

In addition, for efficient management and problem solving of water supply and sewerage business, YWC provides the technical assistance for water supply and sewerage technology of water supply control and management, leakage survey and pipe replacement planning and the training and practical instruction for capacity building of engineers.

Overseas Business

Taking advantage of the high technology and know-how of Yokohama City (water supply and sewerage), YWC provides consulting and human resource development training services for water supply and sewerage utilities in overseas.

YWC also provides and introduces the excellent technologies and products of the Japanese domestic companies according to the needs of customers.