Facilitating utilities’ PPP/PFI

Any forms of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) or PFI (Private Finance Initiative), private sectors participating in performing public services, becomes popular also in water supply/sewerage services. YWC supports water supply/sewerage utilities to introduce and manage PPP/PFI for the stable and continuous services.

PPP introduction

A new project usually requires huge amount of initial investment. YWC assists utilities to examine PPP/PFI options for the purpose of reducing initial financial burden.


Although the legal stipulation differs from country to country, water supply/sewerage utilities cannot entirely evade responsibility for the operation performance even if the relevant work is outsourced. YWC offers the monitoring plan based on the abundant experience in monitoring works.

Procurement support for outsourcing

YWC assists water supply/sewerage utilities to prepare procurement documents such as design drawings or detailed specifications needed for the required performance of works.