Asset Management

Asset and stock management brings a profit to your utility. All the assets, not limited to water supply and sewerage works, inevitably become old and maintenance cost increases exponentially with aging, which leads to the necessity of appropriate repairment and/or replacement plan considering life cycle costs. YWC proposes to formulate asset and stock management plans fitted for each utility and support the subsequent PDCA cycle.

Diagnosis, evaluation and planning

YWC inspects actual conditions of water/sewerage businesses, identifies problems, and suggests solutions to the problems. In the case of waterworks, YWC conducts diagnostic surveys to determine the degree of soundness and advise on approaches to improve or review water usage and leakage investigation methods. In the sewerage sector, YWC proposes surveys and inspection plans for the maintenance and management of treatment plants, and stock management plans for sewerage facility replacement projects. YWC contributes to the sustainable business operations of water/sewerage utilities.

Design and cost estimation

YWC provides support to clients regarding design, cost estimation, and procurement for construction, maintenance and renewal projects of water and sewage facilities. Through these activities, YWC supports to prepare the manuals necessary for monitoring and contributes to the improvement of operational efficiency, technical succession, and human resource development.

Supervision and technical succession

YWC provides utilities with management know-how, such as post-order supervision, water filling and cleaning methods, and switching procedures. YWC supports the management structure and helps maintain and secure technical capabilities.